Half Time Talk

MLS is during a break right now. The All-Star Game is the featured game of the week. My first thought was to check the stats of LA Galaxy now that we are halfway into the season. We are not really halfway there though, we are actually reaching the last stretch of the season.

LA Galaxy has played 22 games out of 34. Just 12 games left in regular season. Out of 66 points available we have 30 points with 9 wins, 10 losses and 3 draws. We are 13 points away from first place. Not a good place to be for the Champion but it could be worse…

We came into the 2012 MLS Season with an undefeated Home record. In March LA played 3 home games and lost 2 of them. Also let’s not forget the elimination from CCL tournament at home by Toronto. March was not a good month for LA.

Everybody was asking themselves what was happening. Buddle returned to LA, we also have Juninho, Beckham, Keane, Donovan and we added Sarvas during the offseason. Before the season started we were expecting LA to just destroy every team and even break last year’s 67 point season record.

Was the absence of Omar Gonzalez affecting the team that much? Underperformance by most of our players? Lack of pre-season training by some of our DPs? Bad referees? Bad luck? Everybody had their opinion on why the Galaxy had a 3(W)-7(L)-2(T) record on May 26th.

During May, LA played 6 games and didn’t win even one of those (Not counting the US Open Cup which we also lost). They only scored 5 goals and allowed 10. We were so bad that we even lost to ChivasUSA.

I think it was a mix of many factors as why LA was playing so shitty. Some bad luck, bad calls from referees, many players underperforming, bad decisions by Bruce and our defense has been a disaster without Omar Gonzalez. Bruce Arena has tried every possible combination in the defense: AJ – Boyens, AJ – Meyer (rookie), AJ – Keat (worst duo in my opinion), Meyer – Lopes, AJ – Lopes. David Lopes was picked up by LA from ChivasUSA in the middle of the season, and even though he keeps making mistakes Bruce has put faith on him. Lopes and AJDLG(which is having a great season) have become the go-to central defender duo for Bruce. There are some good news though, Omar had a fast recovery and is already back playing some minutes for LA. He was expected to come back around September.

Between May 26 and June 17 there was a break in MLS for International games. I’m not sure what happened but since we came back from the break LA has come through with a 6(W)-2(L)-1(T) record. We also need to make a note that in the two games we lost (against SJ and Union) we had some horrible referee calls.

Our FIRST shutout for this season was on June 17. Since then we have scored 23 goals and allowed 14. We have won games on the road, we have made some great comebacks, and the best of all is that our team is actually playing good soccer. Not perfect though, there are still improvements to be made in our defense but things are looking up.

At one point we were last in the league, now we are 13 points from first place. Will LA Galaxy be able to win the Supporters Shield? I doubt it, but anything could happen in these last 12 games. I think LA will make the playoffs but they need to go for the Supporters Shield and at least end in the top spots with rewards you with Home Field Advantage in the playoffs.

“Second Half” of the season starts Saturday against Dallas. Let’s hope LA stays in form and climbs into playoff spot with a win.

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