Q&A With AJ DeLaGarza Part II

Q&A with AJ the sequel is here! Remember part 1? First of all I have to congratulate AJ on that sweet goal from last night. Tough result but we all know you guys got the talent, the quality and the heart to get the result in Monterrey!

Thank you again AJ for taking the time to answer questions ACBers submitted in our forums.  So here it is, 3 years later, AJ DeLaGarza uncensored and unfiltered:

ACB asks, AJ Delivers

Constant: What is your favorite chant to hear during the game?
AJ: The cross stadium la galaxy chant when all the fans get involved

Constant: What does competing in the CCL mean to you?
AJ: Competing to be the best team in the region is important and to move on to the club world cup

Doughboy: Hook it up with pizza again?
AJ: Of course

Sergio: Have you and others thought about singing a song for the supporters after the games?
AJ: You don’t want to hear me sing.

Sergio: Deal with HDC food?
AJ: It’s amazing isn’t it?

Sergio: Zardes blown your mind?
AJ: From the short period of time we had him this season you can tell the kid has something special. Looking forward to see what he can do during real competition.

bansky: Kaka or Alonso?
AJ: Kaka

adf3691: Do you feel your heart is in LA? Or just a player doing his job?
AJ: I think my heart is in LA. Id definitely be disappointed if I ever got traded but also know it’s part of the business any anything could happen.

adf3691: If you were local and not a professional, would you join ACB?
AJ: Id definitely be apart of a supporters group. The passion you guys have each and every year is tremendous and if I wasn’t a professional I would still be a fan of the game. And what better team to cheer for.

adf3691: Is there a particular player from an opposing team who you don’t like very much?
AJ: Every player? if I had to pick a player on the field I think I would go with Lenhart.

California Pete: Rank in order of prestige the following trophies: US Open Cup, MLS Cup, Supporters’ Shield, CCL. Year in and year out, which would you most like to win? Which do you care least about?
AJ: I would go CCL, Supporter Shield, MLS Cup, then the US Open Cup. Obviously being the best team on the region is the most prestigious followed by the S.S. simply because it’s a testament to the work you’ve done throughout the entire season.

California Pete: Outside back vs. center back: do you have a strong preference? Do you like getting the opportunity to play both, or would you rather be settled into a fixed position?
AJ: I like both positions. Comfortable in both positions that I could switch back and forth but ultimately I would like to stick to one spot. With that said Im just glad to be on the field to help the team. Being versatile isn’t exactly the worst asset to have either. It gave me the opportunity to get on the team and contribute in the first place.

California Pete: MLS player, from another team, that you’d most like to play with before the end of your career?
AJ: I think I play with the most well known players in the world. Can’t get much better than that.

California Pete: Still not a fan of in n out?
AJ: Ehh it’s alright.

California Pete: Would you consider yourself to be a local?
AJ: I don’t know if I could claim California as home base simply because I grew up in Maryland for 21 years and my family is still there.

California Pete: What would you most change about the atmosphere at the HDC? More of this? Less of that?
AJ: I think we have players and a team that should sell out every game and stadium. But ill take a small group of passionate fans over seat fillers anyday.

California Pete: When you retire, you will most likely watch Galaxy games from…
AJ: hopefully the stadium watching live.

adf3691: Have you tried pupusas yet?
AJ: I don’t actually know. apparently I can’t tell oranges and grapefruit apart either. I don’t know what a pupusas looks like either haha.

LycanthroPunk: Thoughts on goal line technology?
AJ: I don’t really know how I feel about it. Bad calls and missed calls are apart of sports and to give some type of system the power to make calls might be odd. But id also be upset if my team got a goal disallowed.

LycanthroPunk: If you were to choose a different color scheme for LA Galaxy, what would they be?
AJ: Stay with the color scheme that has worked so well. I do find it odd we have 3 jerseys and only wear 1.

Bubba71: Is there anything supporters do that distracts/annoys the shit outta you?
AJ: Nothing i can think of

bansky: Should OG4 resign?
AJ: I hope he does.

MDM: Do you guys have a chance to sightsee on road games?
AJ: Not unless it’s within 5 minutes walking distance. I usually go for a walk around the hotel to loosen my legs the day of a game so whatever I pass during that time.

MDM: Favorite pregame meal?
AJ: Chicken parm

MDM: Favorite beer?
AJ: Shock top

MDM: would you rather play in extreme heat or extreme cold?
AJ: I always ask guys this question. And I would much rather play in extreme cold and my reason for that is you can always wear more layers. Can’t play soccer naked tho. Well i guess you could.

MDM: What can ACB do to make it better for the players?
AJ: Keep on keeping on. Keep up the chants and passion you brong every single game.

acosta19: A former team mate you miss?
AJ: I’ve had alot of good teammates and friends. I was close to Kyle Patterson and Bryan Jordan tho who are no longer with us.

Pox: Would you rather have one unicorn that farts every time you look at it or 200 miniature poodles that pull you around on a sled?
AJ: Both would be pretty awesome but I think Id like to be pulled around on a sled by 200 dogs.

Pox: Why are you becoming so hairy this year?
AJ: Well omar and I have a bet on who can grow their hair the longest. With that being said, I don’t know why Im letting my facial hair grow so long

Pox: Now that Brian Jordan is gone, who is the goofball prankster in the locker room?
AJ: I always was and always will be the top prankster on the team. I might even get a go pro to record it all for the fans.

Pox: How is Keane different from Donovan in regards to being captain of the squad?
AJ: Both world class players and have captained so many teams and their respective countries. Both have the same mentality and expectations from players and coaches.

Pox: What makes the Galaxy the best team in MLS? Seriously. You guys DOMINATE. What’s the secret?
AJ: I think we have a great group of guys who work hard every single day. The chemistry we have off the field translate to our play on the field.

Thank you for reading and thanks to everybody who submitted questions! If you would like to participate in our next Q&A make sure to visit our forums!

  • AJ you NEED to try pupusas, I recommend Jaragua in Ktown!

  • Great work by everyone and thanks to AJ for taking the time to reply!