Give Us Five Years

It’s a bit saddening as well as frustrating that many of the new faces and some already seasoned members can’t tell you the history of the Angel City Brigade, let alone where it started. It is an issue that hits close to home for me. I’ll break it down a little bit so you can understand fully or not understand at all. Talk of a new supporter group began in the mess that is known as Big Soccer, HERE. Already receiving shit from the other group(s) I felt more ready then ever to take on the mission.


The first meeting of the group took place at a In n Out in Buena Park. Six fans sat outside sharing each others views, opinions and ideas of what LA is missing and should be. Names were thrown around and thank god we ended up choosing Angel City Brigade or we could’ve been the LA Firm or Ol Yellow Boys. Off the bat I knew this would not be easy and this would be the greatest thing I’ve done yet. After the name had been chosen we had several other meetings in the same area and in the IE to bring everyone together and lay the ground work down for the group.

You could have not wished for better core to the group. Everyone instantly gelled and the ideas started to pour out. We made our début at Soccer Fest 2008 at HDC where we picked up a couple more important members. We needed 20 season ticket holders as stated by the Galaxy FO to be recognized and receive the “perks” of a SG and it came do to the final couple of weeks before season started that we would reach that number. With a single banner and white shirts that had lawsuit printed on them the ACB made it’s first game appearance in 2008 against the shit scum bag Smurfs. I can’t be described, sorry. We won 2-0.The drama and BS we had to go through to be where we are today isn’t something to be looked over and forgotten. In fact, everyone old and new should revisit those times and remember what we had to do to make ACB come true. Ignite the fire and fight we had that may have dwindled a bit over the years. Not the fire for the team or the group, but to be better, bigger, louder and crazier each and every game.

It’s true ACB is a new culture that isn’t for everyone but it is what LA needs and has been waiting for. I you feel that urge right now for the ACB then you understand just a bit of what it means and you’re well on your way. To fully understand then ask the older members for stories and lessons and do your part to make ACB better. Only then will you know how much this group means to a lot of us and how it’s changed the lives of many. The original mission statement and the doubts people had. Thanks for finding this article John.

  • tony382

    First off I want to ask why was I not present at In-N-Out of Buena Park. I live right around the corner and I know I was hungry. Most importantly though, congratulations to ACB and their accomplishments. It takes a lot of perseverance and pride to get to where you guys are now and it garners much respect. I look forward to someday sitting with you guys again or even joining a viewing party, because believe me…I can party….I get down on potato skins. But seriously you guys bring it every game day and unleash hell on opponents. I’ve said it before, you guys assemble like soldiers and laud Galaxy like poets. Much love to the entire ACB Family.

  • Great post Sergio, always good to read about ACB History! Everyone joining in should read this!

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