2014 Candidates for Elections


We now have the Candidates and their statements for the 2014 Elections!

Go check them out here: http://angelcitybrigade.net/acb-leadership/

If you have any questions for either of them go to the forum and ask them!

Any questions about the Election process, post them in the comments below.

Important dates:

Voting will take place online on Thursday 2/27 (Date extended from 2/22)
People who continue to sign up for membership through 2/26 will be eligible to vote in the election.
E-ballots will be e-mailed to all ACB members on 2/27.
You can sign up for membership if you haven’t already by clicking here.

Elected officials for the 2014 term will be announced on Friday 2/28

  • Facundo

    How many are we voting on exactly? Like 1 or 2 of them? Or we need to hit a certain percentage?

    • jsabillon

      5 new members out of the 9 candidates