2015 Memberships, Nominations, Elections

If you are passionate about giving your energy and voice to L.A. Galaxy in the stands for 90+, lending a hand outside of the stadium to our tifo displays, attending events and away games, and continuing our vision to be 1 voice at a Stub Hub Center by welcoming others to stand and cheer with us we welcome you to become an ACB member!

2015 Membership fee: $25

Membership Includes


– Member ID card

– Member Scarf

– Member T-Shirt

**Include shirt size in the notes at check out**

Year round discounts:

– Discounts on ACB merchandise and tickets for 2015

– Discounts with select vendors for 2015

– 10% discount on San Jose Away trip

Priority on ticket and merchandise orders:

– Members will have access to order tickets and new merchandise a minimum of 48 hours prior to the general public.

Participation in 2015 ACB Leadership elections:

– Voting privileges in elections for the ACB Leadership Board

– Ability to run for a position on the leadership board

*2015 board elections will take place on 1/21/15.

Monetary items have a value of $50 for only $25!

Membership valid 1/1/15 – 12/31/15

*Please note* 2014 ID#’s will be reinstated to the member with a 2015 renewal


2015 ACB121 board vacancies and terms:

– 5 open seats will be available for election for the ACB121 Member Board.

– Elected candidates will serve a 3 year term.

– In 2016, 5 seats will be available for election then these elected directors will serve a 3 year term and so on…

Nomination and election timeline:

– Mon 1/5/15 – Tues 1/6/15: Nominations for the ACB121 Board of Directors will be accepted

– Wednesday 1/7/15: Nominees will be contacted

– Friday 1/9/15: Candidates for the 2015 election will be announced

– Wednesday 1/14/15: Candidate statements will posted to the website and forum

– Wednesday 1/21/15: Election day. Voting will happen online.

– Thursday 1/22/15: Elected board officials will be announced

– Saturday 1/31/15 or Sunday 2/1/15: Tentative dates for first member and board member meeting in 2015. Date and time TBA by 1/23/15.

ACB121 board member nomination guidelines:

1. Only *active ACB121 members are eligible for nomination and candidacy.

2. Only *active ACB121 members can submit nominations for the ACB121 Board of directors.

3. ACB121 Members cannot nominate themselves for a position on the board, candidates have to be nominated by a fellow member.

4. ALL *active ACB121 Members as of Sunday 1/4/15 will receive an *active member list and nomination ballot via e-mail on Monday 1/5/15.

5. ACB121 Members will then have a 48 hour window to nominate a fellow *active member from the list for a position on the board if they so chose.

6. Nominees will be notified of their nomination on Wednesday 1/8/15. They will then have a 48 hour window to accept or decline the nomination.

7. ALL nominees and members who nominated them will be posted to our forum on Friday 1/9/15

8. Nominees will have until Tuesday 1/13/15 to submit their candidate statements.

9. Candidate statements will be posted to our forum and website on Wednesday 1/14/15.

10. ACB121 Members will have an opportunity over the course of 1 week to review these statements and ask the candidates questions on our forum.

11. To keep a level race for all candidates, campaigning for votes by social media, or other means is prohibited. Candidates found doing so will be disqualified.

12. Elections will take place on Wednesday 1/21/15.

13. Voting will take place online via a link e-mailed to all *active ACB121 Members as of 1/19/15. The link will remain open for 24 hours on 1/21/15.

14. Voters will only be able to cast their votes one time.

*An active member is defined as one who has enrolled as a 2015 ACB121 member

*Active member names will be shared for the purposes of helping fellow members make their nominations as only active ACB121 members are eligible for candidacy. No other info beside a name will be shared.

*Active members who DO NOT want their name shared on the member list should notify angelcitybrigade121@gmail.com by Sunday 1/4/15

If you have not yet signed up for membership you can do so here:


We encourage you to read our mission statement and FAQ before signing up for membership