2015 ACB Elections: Nominees

2015 ACB Elections


Hello everyone,

Hope the offseason has been treating you well. As you know, five vacant spots are to be filled in the ACB Board of Directors. The list of people nominated by other members to fill those vacant spots is found below, along with a link to a thread dedicated to their statements. Please take the time to read through their answers, and we encourage everyone to ask more questions to all nominees. If you haven’t done so, sign up for 2015 ACB121 Membership to be able to vote on your favorite candidate(s). Voting takes place on 1/21. Read more about the candidates on the 2015 Elections page.

Jose “Brownie” Anda

Vanessa Arias

Karina Ceja

Noah Eve

Kim Greer

Michele Morlang

Joey Sabillon

Guillermo Veliz

Carolynn Wroblewski