ACB Sanctions set by the MLS and Front Office

It is our unfortunate responsibility to inform you that yesterday the Galaxy FO officially sanctioned us for throwing streamers during the game at last year’s MLS Cup final and what they deemed as a year filled with incidents.

These sanctions include:

1. No supporters privileges for the first 4 matches of the season, including the home opener.

No flags, No drums, No tifo, No banners

Friday          6-Mar      VS. CHICAGO
Saturday     21-Mar     VS. HOUSTON
Sunday       12-Apr      VS. SEATTLE
Saturday     18-Apr     VS. KANSAS CITY

2. No supporters privileges at the first 4 away matches of the season 

No flags, No drums, No tifo, No banners

Sunday        15-Mar     Timbers
Saturday     28-Mar     DC United
Saturday     4-Apr       White Caps
Sunday       26-Apr      NYRB

3. No streamers for the entire 2015 season

We want to make it clear, that disrupting the field of play by throwing objects on the field is never ok. However we strongly feel that extending the punishment beyond the scope of streamers is truly unjust.

In addition to the streamer issue, much of their rational for these restrictions are from the past; actions that we believed were already sorted and settled (smoke throughout the season for example). Changing the rules midway through the season without notification is simply unethical. We were already penalized for the smoke incidents last season, and now this “encompassing” punishment is penalizing us again. We are truly shocked and disappointed by the severity of the FO’s actions!

We will be discussing this at our board meeting on Saturday and ask that all supporters come to help us take the best possible course of action.

ACB121 Meeting
Saturday 1/31/15 6pm – 8pm
Phantom Carriage Brewery
18525 S. Main St. Carson CA 90248

If you are unable to make it or are not an ACB supporter, but have an opinion, please write to and we will read your thoughts and opinions at the meeting.

If you would like to express your displeasure to the Galaxy/MLS please feel free to reach out to Sid Patel the Manager of Business Development at

The Angel City Brigade

  • Corvallisc

    Sucks to be you, to bad you get to have a championship but no fan support. You are welcome to come to Portland anytime and see how a great fan experience can be had. #RCTID