Board member resignation & replacement process

It is with great remorse that we are announcing Noah Eve’s resignation as a director on our board. He has shared with us that he regretfully does not have as much time to dedicate to the group as he feels someone in leadership should provide. We would like to extend a warm thank you to Noah for his year of service and years of passion he has brought to ACB. We will follow up with a personal message from Noah, at a later time.

As stated in our by-laws, in the event of resignation by a board member, the existing board of directors will elect a member to finish the resigning directors term. Noah has served 1 year of his 3 year term. This in turn means, the person elected to Noah’s seat will finish the remaining 2 years of his term.

We have opened the application process to our current members for those wanting to apply for this seat on the board. Applications will be accepted through Sunday 11/22/15. Our board will review all applicants 11/23 – 11/24 and cast our final vote on Wednesday 11/25/15. If you would like to apply for this 2 year term, please do so Here.

Please note, this is a “special election” due to the resignation of a board member. Our upcoming election for 5 opening seats will still take place on 1/21/15. Info on this election to follow over the next few weeks.

Thank you Angel City Brigade!