ACBehind the Scenes: Merch Planning

Only 3 weeks left until the start of our regular season, ACB! Are you excited? You’ve seen some of what we’ve been up to during the preseason, but let’s talk about merch today.

For the past few months, we’ve been working hard to plan out new merch and a schedule for you guys, and last week we pretty much solidified those plans and came up with some new merch ideas. Hand drawn, even! But don’t worry, only the initial designs are hand sketched. We promise that you’ll get something way more sophisticated. Pretty sure you’re going to be stoked on what we have planned for you. We’ve been getting pretty excited about our plans, too. My favorite thing that we plan on putting out this season is [REDACTED]. I will say that it’s been an ongoing process, and we’ve had a lot of ideas that we’ve been working through. We really hope you like what you see.

Some of what we’ve been working on you’ve already seen. The member package has some pretty nice looking stuff:
2016 membership

And our first design of the year is still available for preorder until this Friday, 2/19:
ACB shirt 2:16

As always, if YOU guys have design ideas for merch that you really want to see, you can always send them to us at angelcitybrigade121 [at] gmail [dot] com.