The Long Awaited Creating Banners and two-poles Guide pt. 2

You can find a refresher on part one here. Now with comments!

Assuming you’ve now gone through and read part 1, part 2 is easy. This whole tutorial also assumes that you’re not freehanding anything. If you’re freehanding your two-pole or banner…well…you know, just draw on your fabric and paint it in, Van Gogh.

For the rest of us, part 2 is all about getting your edited image onto your fabric. You’re going to need:
-a projector that can connect to your compy comp
-also, paint
-and paintbrushes
-and a marker
-and fabric.
And if you’re doing a two-pole…
-two pvc pipes
-either a sewing machine, or a thread and needle OR
-a drill, some scissors, a thread and needle, and something to tie the fabric to the poles.

OK! ARE YOU GUYS READY YET?! GOSH! Let’s get started!

Step numero uno. V. importante. Connect your projector to your compy comp and turn that sucker on. Also, you know, open up your image so that it projects onto the wall that you are of course pointing your projector at because you are all the smarts.

Step number deux. Also v. important. Please make sure that you hang up something like butcher paper…other fabric…an old bedsheet that no one will ever see…underneath the fabric that you are now pinning to the wall that your image is projected on. Unless you like potentially drawing on your walls like a 5 year old. Sometimes I’m 5 years old and then I have to paint over my walls again. It’s a hassle. Don’t be me.

Step the third! Trace, trace, trace your image! Normally I paint on my walls in the middle of the night with all the lights off so that the projected image is clearest. I suggest that in this instance, be me.

4. Color inside the lines. You can take your banner (AND whatever was protecting the wall underneath) down and paint on the ground, or you can be lazy like me and leave everything up on the wall and just paint it like that.

The end for anything that’s not on a pole.

So there’s a couple different ways you can attach your fabric to your poles. One way is to fold over enough fabric on each side of your banner to be able to fit on the two pole once it’s sewn up, and then sew up the sides and top so that it’s like an extra long, skinny pocket. Fastest way to do that is with a sewing machine, but if you’re a sewing machine destroyer like me, you might be better off just handsewing your pole pockets. The other way is to drill a few holes into the pvc, cut some slits into your banner and then sew around the edges of the cut for reinforcement (like a button hole!). Loop whatever you’re using to tie the poles to the banner through the holes you’ve drilled into the poles and also through your banner button holes and then tie them together.

See? Easy.

Have fun! Be messy (but not too messy)! And show us what you come up with!