Mission Statement / Why Join?

Angel City Brigade membership is not just a fashionable card to put in your wallet, nor is it a means to pull rank on anyone in ACB.

ACB membership is a responsibility to give 110% of your energy and voice to the L.A. Galaxy for 90+ in the stands. It is a shared enthusiasm with your ACB brothers and sisters that you want to see this group grow to its greatest potential. It is the dedication to want to take an active role in leadership of the Brigade or to appoint the best people to help run ACB towards greatness. It is the willingness to assist this group beyond game day and participate in creating tifo displays, sharing ideas and offering your services when you are able. It is an understanding that you are investing in the best interest of the group both inside and outside of the stadium.

As a member, it is your duty to grow the vision that has been ACB from day 1, to unite as one voice and create an atmosphere at Stub Hub Center that is unmatched in the MLS. If you are ready to commit to becoming a part of the largest supporters group in California and continuing our vision, we welcome you to join us.