Gameday FAQ

How do I get tickets?

121 is in the General Admission section, you need to buy tickets labeled “ACB” to get into 121. Buying tickets from our website helps the ACB. Tickets to the next game are always available on the right hand sidebar of this website (unless sold out). If you are interested in season tickets, check out the season tickets page, or contact Mike Gasparro at or at 310.630.2235.

Are kids welcome?

Yes! We have many families and even infants in ACB. Like at any sporting event with passionate fans, you should expect that there could possibly be cursing in the heat of a play or a bad call from a ref, but we try to avoid that as much as possible.

Where is the tailgate?

In Lot 13, Northwest of the Stub Hub. (see map)

When does the pre-game gathering start?

There is no set time, but people usually show up 3-4 hours before a game, depending on the day of the week.

Is food or beer available at the pre-game gatherings?

The pre-game food and drink is on a bring-your-own basis. Pot lucks and kegs may sometimes be arranged for special games or events. Any alcoholic drinks must be in cups, not marked cans or bottles.