Membership FAQ

Do I have to become an ACB Member?

No, ACB memberships are optional

Why is ACB taking memberships now?

ACB is now a 501c7 membership based non-profit organization. To stay compliant with the guidelines of keeping non-profit status, a certain percentage of ACB’s revenue HAS to come from ACB member fees and donations.

Should I become an ACB member?

If you are a passionate about giving your energy and voice to L.A. Galaxy in the stands for 90+, lending a hand outside of the stadium to our tifo displays, attending events and away games, and continuing our vision to be 1 voice at a Stub Hub Center by welcoming others to stand and cheer with us then YES you should become an ACB member!

Membership is not a means to pull rank on non-members, nor is it just a card to put in your wallet. It is a responsibility to grow the vision that has been ACB from day 1, to unite as one voice and create an atmosphere at Stub Hub Center that is unmatched in the MLS. If you are ready to commit to becoming a part of the largest supporters group in California and continuing our vision we welcome you to join us.

What are the benefits of becoming an ACB member?

There are several benefits for both the group and the member himself / herself.
Make a difference in the group:

Becoming a member of ACB gives you a voice in how our group is run. You will now be able to vote on candidates you think are best suited to handle the daily workings of ACB. If you prefer a more active role, as a member you could even run for a position in leadership. Members will also be able to address the leadership board with your ideas via meetings in person or online. You will have the power to help the group grow and move in the right direction. You now have the power to make a difference.

Member Discounts:
As a member, your investment in the group pays off almost immediately with your ID card, shirt, sticker and pin. In addition to this, you will also receive discount on our annual San Jose away trip AND year round discounts on ACB merchandise and tickets!

Ability to purchase limited edition members only merchandise.

Why is the price $25?

Your $25 investment awards you:
$20 scarf
$15 T-shirt
$5 Membership ID Card
10% Discount on our San Jose Away Trip
Year round discounts on ACB merchandise and Tickets

That’s a $50 value for only $25! AND you can have your say on how the group is run. Winning!

Where is my money going?

100% of ACBs revenue from membership fees, merchandise, donations etc. all get recycled back into the group to subsidize away travel costs, purchase new merchandise, fund tifo for stadium displays, fund special events, purchase items like mega phones, drum skins, streamers etc. There are are NO paid officers in ACB, their involvement is volunteer based only. Every single cent generated by ACB is put back into the group.

Who is eligible to be nominated or run for a position on the leadership board?

ACB members who are 18+

Who can vote for candidates of the ACB leadership board?

ACB members who are 18+

Can my child be an ACB member?

Absolutely. We offer a Jr. Membership for children and young adults 17 and younger. Their membership includes an ID card, T-shirt, pin and sticker. This Jr. Membership does not offer the ability to vote.

Is ACB the only supporters group that runs as a membership based non-profit?

No, several supporters groups through out the league operate in the same manner.

Do you accept out of state memberships?

Membership is available to Southern California residents only.

Still have questions?

Send us an email at