2016 nominees for ACB’s board of directors election


Hello ACB!

The following 2016 ACB members have been nominated by fellow 2016 ACB members for the 2016 ACB’s board of directors election.


Please take a moment to review each candidates statement here.

Along with each candidates statement you will find a link to their forum thread where you are able to ask them any questions you may have.

Thanks for being an active part of ACB!

New Board Members

We are very pleased to announce the latest additions to our ACB Board of Directors Antonio Magaña & Lucas Reames.

Tony & Lucas are long time ACB members who share our vision of driving ACB to its full potential. We would like to thank them for applying to help our cause. They will be completing a 2 year term for the seats vacated by Noah and Brownie and assisting us in various committees such as merchandise, 121 ops and events.

Please join us in giving them a warm welcome!

Thank you!

Board member resignation & replacement process

It is with great remorse that we are announcing Noah Eve’s resignation as a director on our board. He has shared with us that he regretfully does not have as much time to dedicate to the group as he feels someone in leadership should provide. We would like to extend a warm thank you to Noah for his year of service and years of passion he has brought to ACB. We will follow up with a personal message from Noah, at a later time.

As stated in our by-laws, in the event of resignation by a board member, the existing board of directors will elect a member to finish the resigning directors term. Noah has served 1 year of his 3 year term. This in turn means, the person elected to Noah’s seat will finish the remaining 2 years of his term.

We have opened the application process to our current members for those wanting to apply for this seat on the board. Applications will be accepted through Sunday 11/22/15. Our board will review all applicants 11/23 – 11/24 and cast our final vote on Wednesday 11/25/15. If you would like to apply for this 2 year term, please do so Here.

Please note, this is a “special election” due to the resignation of a board member. Our upcoming election for 5 opening seats will still take place on 1/21/15. Info on this election to follow over the next few weeks.

Thank you Angel City Brigade!

ACB Away: San Jose Buses + Dallas / Orlando Swing

Hello ACB!

This is the latest & greatest on our upcoming away trips!

Orlando / Dallas Swing:
Last day to purchase tickets for Dallas and/or Orlando is Friday 5/1/15.

Annual San Jose Bus Trip:
We are happy to announce subsidized pricing for our annual trip to San Jose.

ACB 121 Members: $45 – Click here to Purchase
ACB Season Ticket Holders: $55 – Click here to Purchase
General: $65 – Click here to Purchase

Deadline to purchase is Sunday 6/14/15

How are these prices SO LOW?
Galaxy awards ACB a referral fee for the amount of season ticket holders we bring to the stands. Currently we are at 317 season ticket holders, which earned us $3000 that we put directly towards subsidizing our biggest traveling match of the year! More STH = More savings for everyone!

As promised, our members receive the lowest possible price, but as a very special THANK YOU to our STH we have added a 3rd discounted pricing option as well! Don’t have membership yet? Sign up here

Same Day Package Includes:
1 Ticket to SJ vs Galaxy Sat 6/27
1 Round trip bus ride from Stub Hub Center to Stanford Stadium

Same Day Itinerary:
8:30am Depart Stub Hub Center to pre-game bar
3:00pm Arrive pre-game bar
6:00pm Depart to Stanford Stadium
10:00pm Depart Stanford Stadium
4:00am Arrive Stub Hub Center

Overnight Package Includes:
1 Ticket to SJ vs Galaxy Sat 6/27
1 Round trip bus ride from Stub Hub Center to Stanford Stadium

Hotel info will be e-mailed to you after trip is booked

Overnight Itinerary:
Saturday 6/27
7:00am Depart Stub Hub Center
1:30pm Hotel Check In
3:00pm Depart hotel to pre-game bar
6:00pm Depart pre-game bar to stadium
10:00pm Depart Stadium to hotel

Sunday 6/28
11:00am Depart hotel
6:00pm Arrive Stub Hub Center

Angel City Brigade