ACB Behind the Scenes: Making Flags

The 2016 season is upon us! The Galaxy started their preseason training, and we’ve started our preseason ops!

Ever wonder where all those flags in Section 121 come from? ACB members cut and sew each panel of every flag. Smaller flags like these take roughly 20 minutes per flag to make from start to finish.

2016 ACB Board of Directors Results

We are pleased to share the results of yesterday’s election. Your elected candidates for ACB’s Board of Directors are as follows:

Arturo M. Acosta
Ethan Ruiz
Martin Soto
Carolynn Wroblewski
Glenn Vidrio

2016 results graph2016 results chart

They will be joining our current serving Board of Directors:

Vanessa Arias
Karina Ceja
Antonio Magaña 
Michele Morlang
Lucas Reames

A very special THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the election.


2016 nominees for ACB’s board of directors election


Hello ACB!

The following 2016 ACB members have been nominated by fellow 2016 ACB members for the 2016 ACB’s board of directors election.


Please take a moment to review each candidates statement here.

Along with each candidates statement you will find a link to their forum thread where you are able to ask them any questions you may have.

Thanks for being an active part of ACB!

New Board Members

We are very pleased to announce the latest additions to our ACB Board of Directors Antonio Magaña & Lucas Reames.

Tony & Lucas are long time ACB members who share our vision of driving ACB to its full potential. We would like to thank them for applying to help our cause. They will be completing a 2 year term for the seats vacated by Noah and Brownie and assisting us in various committees such as merchandise, 121 ops and events.

Please join us in giving them a warm welcome!

Thank you!