Rules of Conduct

The members of the ACB have worked hard to make the ACB what it is by following a set of rules that better not only the group and game time, but also relations with the front office. Please abide by the rules and do your part to reach out to an ACB officer if you see or hear any of these rules being broken.

  1. No Racism or Discrimination Ever.
    • There is no excuse and there are no warnings. If you are caught, you will be banned. It is ugly and needs to stay out of the game.
  2. No Violence.
    • Fighting: Fighting inside the group or against rival supporters is shunned upon and will earn you a permanent ban. There is a difference between fighting and defending yourself.
    • Threats: Any threat whether it be a fist fight or threatening someone’s life is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent ban from the ACB.
    • Instigating: Whether it be within ACB or towards rival supporters, depending on severity, may result in either a warning, match ban(s) or permanent ban.
    • No Cliques or Gangs: The ACB is an open community of friends and Galaxy fans of all ages, genders, races, and beliefs. We are not a gang and gang activity within the ACB is not tolerated. Bringing, claiming, or signage will result in a ban.
    • Thrown Objects: If caught, you will be handed over to HDC security. You will most likely be thrown out of the game. You will also receive a possible match ban from the ACB. HDC may ban you for life.
  3. No negative comments towards other supporters groups of the LA Galaxy.
    • Game day is about our team. Keep it that way. If you claim to be part of the ACB and spread negative comments on the web or around HDC that will affect the ACB you will be warned. This may be viewed as instigation which may earn you a ban.
  4. Media.
    • If you are approached by the media, please speak on your behalf and your experience with the ACB. Our PR Representative will take care of any interview and questions specifically representing the ACB.
    • Official statements and emails sent to the Galaxy or outside parties will be made by the ACB PR rep. Using the ACB in vulgar and offensive emails only hurts the ACB. Doing so will result in a warning.
  5. Ticket Scalping.
    • Ticket scalping within the ACB is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. You will earn a permanent ban from the ACB.
  6. Be welcoming.
    • The ACB is one of the few groups in the league that welcome all to stand with us. We have become as big as we are by doing so. Please show respect and invite others to join.