Angel City Brigade

The ACB, otherwise known as the Angel City Brigade, was formed in late 2007 by 6 Galaxy fans. With only six members to the title, a mentality took shape that would eventually become the loudest, craziest, and most packed section of the StubHub Center, full of LA Galaxy fanatics.

Early on the ACB had two meetings. The first was held in Buena Park where the group was formed. The second took place all the way in San Bernardino located in the I.E. The word spread and come the 2008 Galaxy season the ACB was officially a recognized supporter group of the Los Angeles Galaxy with twenty season ticket holders. The little group of twenty had only a little banner and one flag. The ACB grew as the Galaxy had one of the worst seasons in it’s history.

Come the beginning of the 2009 season, the ACB had doubled in season tickets. Becoming bigger, louder, and more diverse, section 121 was beginning to turn into a force that would impact the game and the players in it. The Galaxy found themselves in the playoffs once again. With the success of the team, the ACB continued to grow, but not without its struggles. Run-ins with rival groups and the powers that be made it difficult. But 121 still made noise with even more flags and banners.

With the heartbreak and drama of the 2009 season, the ACB returned in 2010 with a fire. It was just a matter of time before section 121 was under ACB control. Throughout the entire 2010 season, no matter where our team played, the ACB was always present. The blue, white, and gold had never been as unified. With surrounding sections familiar with ACB songs and chants, the North end became the most hostile end of SHC for visiting teams. Though we still faced troubles, L.A. now knew who the ACB were. Our scarves hung up in our players lockers. The ACB is now and forever will be part of the Los Angeles Galaxy.

We will continue to grow as the years pass by. The family will continue to get stronger. We are L.A. We are the Angel City Brigade. BLUE, WHITE, AND GOLD FOREVER!

The Board

Karina Ceja

President, charities, special events, news distribution, tailgate coordination, merchandise ordering, ensuring all ACB roles are being fulfilled

Angel Figueroa

Tailgate and events coordination, viewing parties, social medial and promotion, away travel coordination

Antonio Magaña

Vice President, home game ticketing, merchandise processing and lead of the merchandise committee, viewing parties, social media, act in place of the president when unavailable.

Bruce Martin

Social media, game day promotion, game day operations, head of graphic design committee

Roberto Mora

Game day operations, Galaxy II promotion, tifo handling and head of tifo committee

Kim Greer

Secretary, all membership handling and distribution, assist with merchandise distribution, maintain all ACB records


Rudy Quevedo

Treasurer, game day operations, all tifo handling and head of tifo committee