At minimum, stand with us in 121/122 at DHSP to support our LA Galaxy for 90+! Head over to our Join Us Page on our site to learn more including memberships, season ticket memberships, and additional options for joining ACB.

Head over the Chants page of our website. Most (if not all) our current chants/songs are there including lyrics and audio.

You DO NOT have to be an ACB member or STM to stand with us in 121/122. Any type of membership is options; however, supporting our team 90+ minutes IS REQUIRED.

No! ACB Season Ticket Memberships are amongst the lowest priced season-long passes across Southern California at UNDER $400 per STM! Single match tickets are under $30 per individual non-STM ticket!

We tailgate in Lot 13, right outside the North End of the stadium.

  • Our tailgate area is within a gated, secured area close to the North West Entrance and we invite fellow Galaxy supporters to join us.
  • More than welcome to bring your own beverages and food! However, often, we provide food (tacos, pizza, potlucks) and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).
  • Our tailgates are family friendly (please note that we do our best to have our DJ’s/Musicians play music with non-explicit language but also keep in mind that all our DJs + Musicians are volunteers so may not have edited versions of their music).

Most of us who have been here a long time didn’t know anyone in ACB the first time we came. Contrary to what some people may say, we are welcoming people lol! Come to the tailgate, walk over to the ACB bin and introduce yourself to whoever is inside the ACB bin. Likely people in ACB leadership and will be happy to introduce you to more people. Another option is bringing beer and handing out free beer with your name on cans (ha!).

ACB is now a 501(c)(7) membership based non-profit organization. To stay compliant with the guidelines of keeping non-profit status, a certain percentage of ACB’s revenue HAS to come from ACB member fees and donations.

Head over to the “Join Us” section for more info about benefits/perks for ACB Members/STMs.

100% of ACBs revenue from membership fees, merchandise, donations etc. all get recycled back into the group to subsidize away travel costs, purchase new merchandise, fund TIFO for stadium displays, purchase items like mega phones, drum skins, streamers etc. There are NO paid officers in ACB, their involvement is volunteer based only.

Absolutely not! We ENCOURAGE all LA Galaxy supporters regardless of Supporter Group affiliation to join us on the road. Away days are the best days!

ACB has solid relationship with both LARS and Galaxians; especially on the road when we all stand together to support our LA Galaxy away from home. We will continue supporting both LARS and Galaxians with whichever decisions each group makes regarding the future of the North End at DHSP.